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Public Institution Kaunas IN creates favourable conditions for business, tourism, filmmakers, and international marketing development in Kaunas. Its activities include attracting international investment, business promotion, and support. The organisation also contributes to improving the image of Kaunas city, developing local tourism, and providing comprehensive assistance to filmmakers.
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Tough decision? Consult us
Decided to invest in Kaunas? Find commercial real estate offers, private and institutional partners or suppliers and urbanization prospects here.
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If you are looking for government-backed support and finance, building permits or a tax break for your business - you are at the right place. We consult and provide recommendations on investment issues.
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We know everyone here, therefore we will easily connect you with interested parties and facilitate your collaboration with Kaunas municipality.
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Just moved to Kaunas? Becoming a local here is simple: join the many activities in the city and feel at home in no time.
Other services:
  • Introduction of Kaunas city to potential investors;
  • Sharing information about tourist resources of Kaunas city;
  • Organising tours of Kaunas and Lithuania for individuals, groups and businesses;
  • Booking hotels in Kaunas and elsewhere in Lithuania;
  • Guide services;
  • Souvenirs;
  • Gift cards;
  • High quality services and comprehensive information on the filming conditions and rules in Kaunas city and region;
  • Film location scouting and management;
  • Mediation between local authorities and filmmakers in all matters to make the film production process a smooth and rewarding experience.
Contact us for an individual consultation on:
Business ideas and their development on the regional or national level
Matters related to Kaunas-based talents
Development of tourism and cultural projects in Kaunas
Film shooting locations and filmmaking in Kaunas
Get to know Kaunas

Kaunas has a lot to offer! Come and discover the rich culture of the city, its green spaces, vibrant atmosphere, the most beautiful corners of Kaunas and fall in love with this city.

All tips on the must-visit sites, pastime activities favoured by the locals and ways to make the most of your stay are available at Kaunas Tourism Information Centre and online at https://visit.kaunas.lt/lt/.


A city full of Kaunastic experiences

Kaunastic is a unique feeling that you can only experience in Kaunas. It is far beyond fantastic! Kaunastic helps to discover a city full of culture, street art, fun and surprises. It is also a feeling that, due to its friendly ecosystem rich in human resources and competencies, Kaunas is the best place to develop ideas and businesses.


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