Study in Kaunas

Kaunas is a convenient place for students – it offers international-level universities, strong research bases, the company of like-minded people and constantly growing employment prospects.


Green spaces and pastime options available in the city make it easy to relax and take breaks from learning.

40 000

Almost 40,000 students are studying in as many as 13 higher education institutions of Kaunas.


In 2019, there were 2,567 foreign students studying in Kaunas. This number would be higher if we included exchange students who come here to study temporarily with the Erasmus programme.

Universities in Kaunas
  • KTU – a leader in technology studies. It prepares the highest number of engineers in the Baltic countries.
  • LUHS – the leading and largest university in health sciences.
  • VMU – offers a broad and comprehensive education from social to technology and even arts studies.
  • LSU – specialised university in the field of sports.
Subdivisions of other universities in Kaunas
  • VU KnF – a subdivision of the largest university in the country located in Kaunas Old Town.
  • MRU VSA – the specialists trained here ensure and take care of public safety.
  • VAA KF – alma mater of artists in Kaunas training architects and professionals in visual arts.
Universities of applied sciences in Kaunas
  • Kaunas University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest and strongest universities of applied sciences in Lithuania.
  • University of Applied Engineering Sciences – a university of applied sciences specialising in technical field.
  • Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences – produces specialists in the fields of forestry and environmental engineering.
  • St. Ignatius of Loyola University of Applied Sciences – a private university of applied social sciences and humanities.
  • Kolping University of Applied Sciences – a private university of applied business and social sciences located in Kaunas Old Town
  • University of Applied Social Sciences – the largest private university of applied sciences in Lithuania.
Vocational schools in Kaunas

Vocational schools help students develop practical skills in a variety of fields, so anyone with a basic, secondary or higher education can study here. Major vocational schools in Kaunas:


  • Karaliaus Mindaugo Vocational Training Centre.
  • Kaunas Food Industry and Trade Training Centre.
  • Kaunas Technical Vocational Education Centre.
  • Kaunas Construction and Service Training Centre.
How to become a student in Kaunas?
Bachelor’s programmes

Use the LAMA BPO system to apply for Bachelor’s programmes in the city’s universities and universities of applied sciences.

Master’s and Doctorate programmes

Higher education institutions have different admission procedures for Master’s and Doctorate programmes. Once you have chosen the university and study programme, contact the university’s administration.

Vocational school

You can also use the LAMA BPO system to enrol in a vocational school.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Kaunas:
How do I enrol in a higher education institution in Lithuania?

Every summer, from the beginning of June to the middle of August, EU citizens who wish to study in Lithuanian higher education institutions are required to fill in applications in the LABA BPO system.


For more information about the procedure, please visit Non-EU citizens are enrolled directly by the higher education institutions, so they should contact the institutions directly.

How does a foreign national enrol in a higher education institution in Lithuania?

Prospective students must apply to the Study Quality Assessment Centre (SQAC) for recognition of education obtained in foreign institutions. If the study programme of their choice is conducted in Lithuanian, it is necessary to pass a Lithuanian language test or present documented proof of the required level of Lithuanian language skills. The applicant must also submit an application for admission to a Lithuanian higher education institution online and pass entrance examinations (if such examinations are organised for the selected study programme). It is also important to attach the required document copies to the application before the specified deadline. For more information, please visit or websites of the respective universities.

How much does it cost to study in Kaunas?

Tuition fee varies depending on the selected study programme. The exact tuition fees are published on websites of the higher education institutions.

Is it possible to study for free in Kaunas?

Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, other Member States of the European Union or the European Economic Area and their family members may apply for state-funded studies or study grants. This option is also available to Lithuanians residing abroad and persons holding a permanent residence permit in Lithuania. Foreign citizens and stateless persons are admitted to study in higher education institutions at their own expense through a competitive process.

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