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Since 2015 Kaunastic Startups transformed brilliant ideas into successful businesses. The program, which has been awarded in Europe and is unique in Lithuania, supports innovators and operates based on innovative principles: it changes and adapts to the changing business environment every year.


Mentoring sessions, training cycles, meetings of the startup community are all made available to the most promising startups in Kaunas. Carefully selected mentors, entrepreneurship promoting organisations and the founder of the program – Kaunas City Municipality – contribute to their future success.


Kaunas believes that startup creations are fantastic!

More than EUR 463,000 were allocated to the program in 2015–2020
startups developed in 2015–2019
survival rate of first-time startups
148 thousand
More than 148 000 attendees participated in our events over the six-year period
Participants of Kaunastic Startups in 2015–2019:
business solutions
entertainment, tourism
food production
Brite team creates, makes and distributes natural drinks that improve brain function, help to relax and sleep better.
A crowdfunding platform that helps influencers, content creators and businesses manage subscriptions of their followers.
3D visualisations for the real estate and furniture sectors.
Software for automating the evaluation of radiology images of horses. It helps to quickly and accurately assess the horse’s athletic form or diagnose pathologies and provide timely treatment.
A platform to help event organisers and space owners discover each other.
An online program that connects tutors with students of all ages.
An online platform that connects moving companies with people who need moving services.
A digital advertising agency that helps Western businesses advertise effectively on Chinese mobile platforms.
Storytela. An app of short animated video ad templates made by professionals. Allows to create a video in a few minutes.
Ta proga. An online booking for party services with clear pricing and recommendations.
Spendo family finance tracking app.
Virtual simulator combined with sports car experience.
Platform where you can meet people with similar interests and goals.
Eventa. Virtual ticketing system.
Innovative advertising platform that uses mirror surfaces in bars and restaurants. Combines useful information (weather forecast, global news) with advertising and creates a unique user experience.
Medical device developed for oncologists to allow personalising treatment and ensuring best results.
Online platform developed for hair colourists to help find new clients and stay in touch with the existing ones.
3D-printed eyewear tailored to individual customer.
Epyg. Mobile application for those who cook at home – makes grocery shopping simple. Epyg creates artificial intelligence-based shopping plans to ensure perfect balance of what you like and what you should eat.
A compact ductless recuperator that saves heat and electricity. This air purifying device is easy to use in both new and old buildings.
A solution that combines dozens of different Office365 tools in a single program. The software is designed for goal-oriented teams seeking more effective and productive collaboration.
Software solution designed for the owners of small and medium businesses who wish to set up a business based on outsourcing services.
Pixel Value. VPixel analyses the exercises performed by gym clients using the artificial intelligence technologies. The goal is to assist trainers, reduce the risk of injuries and motivate gym goers.
Short-term rental administration company that helps real estate owners secure attractive returns without any administrative hassle.
User-supported platform that makes it easy to find specialists offering day-to-day services and, for members of the community, to employ their skills.
GlucoCarer – non-invasive blood glucose monitor by Rolandas Jakaitis.
Dominykas Bučinskas. Materials for stereolithographic 3D printers.
Fidens MB ultrasonic bracelet for reducing problems caused by arthritis and joint diseases.
Julius Pauliukevičius Pradinukams.lt – educational bundles.
Gerda Liudvinavičiūtė. Celsius 273 cement jewellery – urban architecture on the palm of your hand.
Attracting medical tourism to Kaunas.
Solid Education training platform for programming.
Search engine for IT companies and programmers.
Purfect research management system.
Artificial intelligence-based filtering and search solutions for e-commerce.
Learnhub by Augustas Nojus Grėbliauskas.
Development of a nut butter production line.
Vaidas Talačka. 3D printing technology that allows printing objects using construction-grade concrete.
Multifunctional nursing-care bed with side-turning function.
Birutė Rutkauskaitė. Kelvinas – non-invasive, portable, multifunctional thermometer/indicator.
Vilim Ball vibration therapy device to reduce hand tremor. Provides relief to essential tremor patients to help them perform day-to-day tasks.
Paulius Gibieža. Development of a prototype of an innovative antiseptic preparation and its application in the medical industry.
Justina Gančaitė. Kauno Bunkeris escape room.
Justas Šalkevičius. An interactive application that presents the Laisvės Alley and the bohemian community that lived here during the interwar period.
Breathcount mobile application that helps asthma patients keep track of their lung function and health.
These mentors helped #kaunastic startups to grow in 2020:
Roberta Rudokienė
Startup Lithuania
Elijus Čivilis
Lithuanian Railways
Paulius Nezabitauskas
Kaunas Science and Technology Park
Tomas Proscevičius
KTU Startup Space
Developers of Kaunastic Startups program
The project is financed by the program ‘Initiatives for Kaunas’. All the data presented on this website belongs to Kaunas IN and Kaunas City Municipality is not responsible for any information provided.
Kaunastic Startups FAQ
What is a startup?

Simply put, startup is a young company with great potential for innovation-based business development, striving to be recognised worldwide.

According to the official definition, startups are companies that operate in high-value added sectors, have extremely high growth potential and are able to ensure successful operation as the business scale increases. As a result of insufficient revenues, high operating or research and development costs, these young companies are often unable to operate in the long run due to an unsustainable business model, so an external investor such as a business angel or venture capital fund is sought to finance their activities.

Are Kaunastic Startups events free of charge?

Yes. All Kaunastic Startups events are free of charge. All you have to do is sign up.

Where can I find more information about startup ecosystem in Kaunas and Lithuania?

Startup Lithuania is the national startup ecosystem facilitator between fast-growing business, venture capital funds, accelerators, startup friendly enterprises, and the government. Find out more.


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