Startups choose Kaunas

Business space for startups in Kaunas provides a stimulating environment to generate ideas. Made up of a wide range of local and international projects, programs and events, this space helps startups build momentum. It is also convenient in terms of mobility – investors, mentors and partner startups are just a few steps away.

Kaunas initiatives

Kaunas offers mentorship and all the necessary tools to shape the internal processes of a startup.

We know that practice is as important as theory. Therefore, in Kaunas, young entrepreneurs can execute market tests for their services and products, learn more about successful business practices and become part of the Kaunas startup community.

Kaunas Science and Technology Park (MTP)

Excellent workspace for startups: here, young entrepreneurs have access to consulting on business development and innovation support services.


Currently, Kaunas MTP accommodates more than 100 companies working in the fields of information technology, engineering, health, medicine, social innovation, future energy and sustainable chemistry.


MTP is also home to a Digital Rocket LT cluster engaged in the field of information and communications technologies (ICT).

Santaka Valley

In Santaka Valley, the workspace for startups combines science, studies and business. A place for managing technology development and commercialisation processes, setting up and developing new businesses and attracting investment.


In the Santaka Valley Digital Innovation Hub, businesses have access to research and development of new products to raise Lithuania’s competitiveness.

KTU Startup Space

KTU Startup Space caters to startup teams at the earliest phase of their growth, i.e. those carrying only the idea in their portfolio. Here, ideas become actual products and services.


The incubator provides access to mentors, consulting and support in coordinating the team. Expert support, training, events, community and assistance in finding partners – all under one roof.

VMU Centre for Enterprise Practices

VMU Centre for Enterprise Practices is ideal for businesses and students.


Programs and training based on world-renowned creativity methods help discover new business ideas and respond to the existing business challenges.

LUHS Development Service

LUHS Development Service is best suited for startups in life sciences. It offers access to the necessary infrastructure and consulting on all relevant matters: from intellectual property to ways of attracting funding. The Service also organises events to develop entrepreneurship and innovation skills.

We grow startups by ourselves

We are running a unique small and medium business promotion program Kaunastic Startups, which develops the startup ecosystem in the city.

The world took notice of our initiative: this six-year-old program won in the ‘Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills’ category of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) national competition in 2020.

EUR 463,000 allocated in 2015–2020
42 startup ideas developed
Solutions in the fields of health, education and business
Library for Startups
2023 10 05
Startup success is closely related to local startup ecosystems. Vibrant, communicative, and dynamic communities give startup creators access to important resources and help them make...
2023 09 20
From pharmaceutical giants to the most dashing names in the timber industry: news about the companies setting up in the Kaunas FEZ keep coming one after another, and the growth momentum...
2022 08 29
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