Talents enjoying Kaunas
The number of foreign students arriving to study in Kaunas is growing ~ 6.65% every year (in addition to exchange students)
Kaunas IN
~4 700
IT students which accounts for 13.35% of all students in Kaunas
Kaunas IN (2019–2020)
of young people are fluent in English
Indicators for 2018 (people aged 20–34 with higher education), prepared by Investuok Lietuvoje based on the census data, 2011
~ 400 000
Kaunas has nearly 400,000 residents and this number grows by 4,000 each year
Statistics Lithuania, 2020
Kaunas is Lithuania's leader in engineering with ~ 8 000
(~20%) of all Kaunas' students in engineering and technological studies
Kaunas IN
Number 1 in terms of innovation readiness in Central and Eastern Europe
EBRD Knowledge economy index, 2019
Salaries in Kaunas and other cities (average, gross)
Kaunas, Lithuania Cluj-Napoca, Romania Wroclaw, Poland Leipzig, Germany
Senior Production Operative 1058 1138 1266 4064
Laboratory Specialist 1092 1165 1302 4148
Engineer 1431 1429 1515 4654
Programmer 1498 1571 1627 4756
Kaunas talents in different sectors

There are 7 universities and their subdivisions, 6 universities of applied sciences and 9 vocational schools in Kaunas. Thanks to them:


  • Kaunas is a leader in technology and health sciences.
  • The social sciences and humanities are beginning to flourish.
Universities in Kaunas
  • KTU – a leader in technology studies. It prepares the highest number of engineers in the Baltic countries.
  • LUHS – the leading and largest university in health sciences.
  • VMU – offers a broad and comprehensive education from social to technology and even arts studies.
  • LSU – specialised university in the field of sports.
Subdivisions of other universities in Kaunas
  • VU KnF – a subdivision of the largest university in the country located in Kaunas Old Town.
  • MRU VSA – the specialists trained here ensure and take care of public safety.
  • VAA KF – alma mater of artists in Kaunas training architects and professionals in visual arts.
Universities of applied sciences in Kaunas
  • Kaunas University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest and strongest universities of applied sciences in Lithuania.
  • University of Applied Engineering Sciences – a university of applied sciences specialising in technical field.
  • Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences – produces specialists in the fields of forestry and environmental engineering.
  • St. Ignatius of Loyola University of Applied Sciences – a private university of applied social sciences and humanities.
  • Kolping University of Applied Sciences – a private university of applied business and social sciences located in Kaunas Old Town
  • University of Applied Social Sciences – the largest private university of applied sciences in Lithuania.
Vocational schools in Kaunas

Vocational schools help students develop practical skills in a variety of fields, so anyone with a basic, secondary or higher education can study here. Major vocational schools in Kaunas:


  • Karaliaus Mindaugo Vocational Training Centre.
  • Kaunas Food Industry and Trade Training Centre.
  • Kaunas Technical Vocational Education Centre.
  • Kaunas Construction and Service Training Centre.

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