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World With Ukraine
2022 02 28 - 2022 04 01

Ukraine has been fighting a war on their home since February 24th. They need our ongoing support now as much as when the invasion began.

With 2.7 million Ukrainians who have left the country, more than 2 million people internally displaced, cities under heavy shelling and cut off from the food, water and heating – the war in Ukraine has quickly escalated into the largest humanitarian catastrophe Europe has seen since World War II.

Together, we can help Ukrainians deal with the immediate consequences of the war and adapt to the new reality, which changes daily.

World With Ukraine is a platform that supports the development of tech-driven ideas to alleviate the devastating repercussions of war in Ukraine both in the immediate needs and in the long-term. Solutions can be helping Ukraine or other countries that are struggling with a large number of Ukrainian refugees.

We’re asking anyone who wants to help to step forward! Tech community, innovators, marketers, designers, humanitarian aid providers, educators, and all problem-solvers – this means YOU. Join the World With Ukraine! Collectively, we can make a significant impact!

To support the fast development and implementation of ideas, we’re bringing in teams of developers from tech companies to help build the solutions and expert mentors will provide ongoing support. To ensure the safety of participants and ideas, all participants will need to go through a free background check by Veriff.


The topic areas that need the most attention are:

✊ Refugees and internally displaced people
✊ Women’s safety, wellbeing and employment
✊ Children’s safety and wellbeing
✊ Education
✊ Healthcare

If you have an idea that doesn’t fall into any of these categories or are in need of a certain solution, you’re welcome to submit it even if you don’t have the opportunity to work on it yourself. We’ll share the information with our developers and get them working on as many ideas as possible.

When submitting an idea, make sure no one is already working on it. If this is the case, team up with the existing solution and create a bigger impact together.

The process is ongoing and there’s no deadline to submit your idea. As soon as you have built the solution on our platform, you can present it at a demo day. Most impactful solutions will receive funding to speed up implementation.


REGISTRATION: https://eventornado.com/event/world-with-ukraine#home


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