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2024 02 21
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Why is it worthwhile for highly qualified employees to return to work in Kaunas from abroad? And what public resources can be used by Kaunas companies that are expanding their teams and looking for new talents? From now on, two new informational publications will provide answers to these questions. They were inspired by frequently asked questions and prepared by Kaunas IN team which knows the investment environment of Kaunas best.


“We really wanted to refine what we have to constantly tell our foreign guests – specialists in various fields, professionals from different business sectors, or emigrants who intend to return to Lithuania and are interested in Kaunas – and turn it into a concentrated value map. We know why it is good to live and work in Kaunas, so we want all those who are considering Kaunas as their future home and, most importantly, a place where their professional talent, skills, and competences, which are so important to the city and the whole country, could blossom,” Tadas Stankevičius, head of Kaunas IN, says.


What do the authors of the Discover Kaunas publication draw attention to? To both small and big things. First of all, Kaunas, being the fourth largest city in the Baltic States, manages to avoid the problems of noise, pollution, and traffic jams typical of big cities, and its sustainable and balanced growth creates an excellent offer of affordable quality of life for many. Therefore, it is a city where everyone can be heard and make a difference.


Next to the increasing population of the city and the average salary and the growing international community, such advantages as newly built bicycle paths (more than 100 km!), renovation of 12 out of 15 city parks, and the opening of 6 large sports and leisure infrastructures – from a football stadium to water sports and entertainment spaces – in the city in just three years are mentioned.


Modern services, city spaces full of UNESCO heritage, and a network of schools providing teaching services in English are essential for a good-quality life. Of course, the publications mention the incentives offered to professionals coming to live and work in Kaunas, ranging from payment upon arrival, which is given to workers recruited from abroad, to local organizations helping newcomers.


Narmin Alieva, the founder of @Speak Lithuania, who has been living and working in Kaunas for some time, is quoted in the publication, saying, “Kaunas effortlessly combines its rich history with modernity, so an inspiring space opens up here for those who want to create positive changes and leave a long-lasting, unique mark on society.”


Businesses that are looking for employees in Kaunas can find everything in one place


Meanwhile, another informational publication was created for Kaunas employers who are looking for more ways to attract talent or assemble teams of necessary specialists. It is a one-page brochure in English and Lithuanian about public talent search resources in Kaunas.

“During our everyday work in communicating with investors, we quickly noticed that most of them are not aware of the existence of publicly available tools that they could use to find valuable employees in Kaunas. Therefore, we decided to present all the information in one place, thus facilitating the talent search,” Andrius Veršinskas, one of the authors of the publication and Head of the Kaunas IN Business Department said.


The most important resources mentioned are Kaunas IN, as a facilitator of the talent ecosystem, Work In Lithuania with its specialized talent attraction program, and assistance to companies in international recruitment processes, and Employment Service with its special talent search team, which, not only offers benefits to employers who have attracted workers from abroad but also mediates recruitment processes, provides retraining opportunities for employees and organizes Lithuanian language training for foreigners living in Lithuania.


Both publications can be found:


Discover Kaunas leidinys (EN)

Naudų vienlapis įmonėms (LT)

Naudų vienlapis įmonėms (EN)


Source: Kaunas IN

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