Aleksotas Innovation Park

At the end of 2022, the first investors will be invited to the Aleksotas Innovation Park (AIP), a compact, green and sociable innovation valley being built in the heart of the Aleksotas district.


Not only will it comply with modern principles of sustainable development and significantly boost the economic and innovation development of Kaunas region, it will also attract investment capital and talent from Lithuania and abroad. Here, companies creating innovations will be able to operate successfully, collaborate with scientific institutions and jointly create added value for the whole country.

The new Innovation Park in Aleksotas will focus on research and development (R&D): it will develop business projects related to research, experimental development and innovation (R&D&I) activities.

A large number of qualified professionals will find a modern and comfortable working environment here. The aim is for Lithuanian and foreign investors to create at least 1,100 highly-qualified, well-paid jobs and to employ at least 142 researchers in the Park.


According to the urban feasibility study prepared in 2020, the main strengths of the Park should be its location, innovative solutions and its connection with the surrounding areas.

The attractiveness of the Park’s location is obvious: AIP is located at the edge of the centre of Kaunas city, so it will be possible to reach important meetings in different parts of the city in less than ten minutes.

In addition, AIP should become an integral and vibrant part of the Aleksotas district, rather than a fenced-off industrial zone.  The green recreational areas of the Park will create an attractive environment for employees, be open to the city people, increase the number of recreational areas in the Aleksotas district and become a new attractor for nearby businesses.


An important phase of infrastructure development in the Park area has already been completed. The area is tentatively divided into 20 plots, which together could provide over 200,000 sqm of premises. The streets, pedestrian and cycling paths, lighting, storm water and water supply networks, communications and electricity networks are already fully in place. Over the whole period, EUR 20 million of the EU and state funding is expected to be invested in the infrastructure of the Park.

The conversion of the former helicopter hangar, the first of many AIP developments, will start soon. Rather than demolishing the site of rich history, it has been decided to renovate and creatively re-fill the space of the abandoned 10,000 sqm building with new life. The hangar will be transformed into a modern complex of laboratories and administrative premises. Renovation work is scheduled to start in early 2022.


In early 2022, an AIP development plan will be drawn up, which will outline the type of investors the Park will be able to accommodate and under what conditions. It is expected that the first investors will be able to move in and construct buildings tailored to the individual needs of each business from the end of 2022.

The Park will continue to be developed in a consistent way: it will be perceived and recognised as a comprehensively developed neighbourhood, an integral part of the city’s fabric. The new innovation valley will focus on the development of modern, environmentally friendly solutions and an employee-friendly environment.


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