Promotion of new ideas and attention to the community of local startup businesses is one of the priorities of Kaunas city. Therefore, the biggest startup program in Kaunas region was created and now is known as Kaunas Startups. A unique program aims to raise the level of entrepreneurship, provide necessary skills to launch and operate one’s business, consolidate different parts of the startup ecosystem, and prepare startups for funding rounds. Also, to increase the attractiveness of Kaunas city as a destination for startups from other regions of Lithuania and abroad. All of this is possible because of funding from Kaunas municipality and “Kaunas IN” organizational skills.

The program consists of two parts: various networking events like lectures, workshops, discussions, hackathons, experience sharing sessions, etc. taking place all year long, and intensive accelerator (October-December). Together, these two parts of the program allow innovative ideas of all sorts to grow and make this a perfect place to start a career in your startup.

> 443k EUR granted for startups’s development during 2015-2019

46 startups received Kaunas city Municipal grants to support their ideas during 2015-2019

Most popular startup applications by sector: healthcare, education and B2B SaaS


Selected startups receive professional training from experts in creating and implementing ideas during acceleration period in October-December. Intensive acceleration course allows companies to optimize internal processes, analyze the market and target consumer, test their product or service and prove their commercial potential.

Teams will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual accelerator: attend expert lectures, and perform targeted tasks to develop their idea remotely. You can find more information about acceleration here.


One of the crucial ingredients for successful startups to emerge is having a talented, zealous and vibrant community. To ensure that, various events, specialized trainings, workshops, experience-sharing events, pitch battles, hackathon and much more. You can find more information about networking events here.





During 2015 – 2019 period 252 ideas were submitted to Kaunas startups program. Winning startup applications were in healthcare, education and B2B SaaS, technology, entertainment and tourism, jewellery and food industry sectors.


Fidens - from startup to medical innovation leader in Kaunas

Their devices held for just a few minutes visibly reduce hand tremor and pain caused by arthritis. Their ideas were born and became real products here in Kaunas. Meet small partnership (MB) “Fidens”, whose CEO and founder Dr. Mantas Venslauskas took a step forward after his doctoral studies and today he has already gathered a reliable team and has medical products prepared for sale or for clinical trials. These products brought him fame in innovative business awards and helped him receive support in the “Kaunas startups” program twice.

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Professional team behind the scenes

The project is funded by the Kaunas City Municipal Program “Initiatives for Kaunas”. Government agency “Kaunas IN” is responsible for the information provided. Kaunas City Municipality is not responsible for any information provided.